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Blueberry-fusion-cafe-logo final 2At Blueberry Fusion Café, one of our core values is authenticity.

That is why we believe in wholesome foods and the natural process of food growth, as well as its preparation. We select organic and fresh produce from locally grown farmers. All the vegetables and fruits used in our café are washed with vegetable-wash, which cleanse the produce of possible chemical, residues or microorganisms. We strive to use natural sweeteners as well as gluten free ingredients, which makes our scrumptious pastries even better.

Our goal is to promote optimal heath and well being without the compromising taste.  So make no mistake, our entire menu is crafted item by item with a unique blend of ingredients that complements each other.  S is for Super – So, whether it’s Soups, Salads, Sandwiches or Smoothies, you can expect a meal from super-foods with super taste.

There’s a reason not just vegetarians or vegans loves us. Our expand health menu includes selections of fish items as well as free-range chicken items. Our foods are made free of preservatives, additive, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors. It’s no coincident our restaurant may be the only health food brand that doesn’t carry processed meats on or menu. At Blueberry Fusion Café  “There’s no guilt in our Pleasure”.

Our cafe provides an upscale, yet casual dining experience for our patrons. The subtle modern and contemporary design is position to meet the needs of residents’ and working professionals alike.